The Luminell Group is passionate about delivering critical light solutions for demanding use. We aim to create the industry standard in lighting, and to establish supportive and lasting relationships with users, partners, our staff and the community. Luminell was established in 2010 in the city of Ålesund by founder David Fink, driven by a passion to help users and a desire to revolutionize LED lighting within demanding working environments. Having worked with LED-based streetlights since 2006 through his studies, David was convinced that this technology could also be introduced into and raise the standard of lighting within the maritime industry.

In 2018 Luminell expanded into drone lighting, becoming the first of its kind to design, manufacture and make available, powerful, lightweight and durable LED drone lights, to services within search and rescue, security, surveillance, media and to drone enthusiasts alike.

Luminell presents the Drone Light DL Series. UAV LED light modules designer for high light performance, low weight and smart connect and control functions. We believe that the DL series will help create value for users and be appreciated by professionals. The LED light modules are built on well-proven and high performance technology. The specifications meet the requirements of photographers, inspection teams, SAR teams and other who need LED lights for drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The Luminell Group has offices in Norway and Sweden where all Luminell products are proudly Scandinavian designed and manufactured. Today all Luminell products and solutions are sold globally.

Challenging the established, pushing the known boundaries of design and technology, and a sincere desire to help its users, has been, and is still the drive behind Luminell.

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