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The use of drones is transforming the media industry – for example, action sequences in movies can now be taken from an aerial view smoothly, journalists can cover news in areas where human entry could be dangerous or prohibited, photographers can click dream pictures of places in nature which may otherwise be inaccessible, etc.

The most attractive draw of using a drone for photography is that it allows you to shoot from a higher perspective. This can instantly transform plain old photos into something truly spectacular. Drones have built-in cameras that can rotate and swivel to allow the operator to shoot photos and videos from all sorts of angles. This is especially useful for photographers, as it can provide them with more freedom in creating the perfect photo. There’s no denying that aerial drone photography has become pretty popular over the last few years, and light-painting has been a big part of it. We have photographers using our lights on a regular basis and… etc +

Illumination a soccer field video

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