Fire fighters

Search & Rescue

Emergency Support

Drones are a phenomenal tool for first responders – saving lives and guiding critical decision-making.

First responders, fire fighters, search and rescue teams, and members of law enforcement can mobilize in a matter of minutes. The UAV integrated with thermal imaging and lights provides the ability to see through smoke, dust, light fog, and foliage. This technology allows the user to find persons even in total darkness – see much farther than with other low-light night vision goggles and cameras.

Key users:

  • Search and Rescue – find missing persons much faster than with traditional methods. Watch Search & Rescue video.
  • Law Enforcement – aid police in search for suspects
  • Fire Fighting – see through smoke to assist in complex firefighting scenes and look for hot spots to prevent flareups

In case of bad weather, natural disasters, the drone can provide a photographic report of damages to property, or a human toll.
Up-close supervision of forest fires in addition to existing aerial measures. Hot spots localization during fires, localization of high-risk and priority zones to protect, and localization of individuals trapped in the flames for immediate rescue.

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