DL A LED Drone Light

The DL A is designed to give maximized light performance at lowest possible weight and with its four different beam options and magnesium casing, you’ll get exactly that.

The DL A has no integrated battery. The reason for this is to give the user the option to take the power from the drone or from a separate power source. It also maximizes the cooling abilities of the heat sink.

Control the light using either the push button, PWM or wireless.

With the push button the light can be switched on and off, light intensity can be decided, default light intensity can be set and the radio module can be activated and de-activated.

Key features
◉ 3.5, 15, 20 or 40 degree beam
◉ Up to 103.500 cd (LUX @ 1m) depending on beam.
◉ Up to 2.000 lm depending on beam.
◉ 20W / 120 grams
◉ 11 – 36 VDC input
◉ PWM controllable

Download technical datasheet here.
Watch relevant videos here.
Find our Drone Light kit for DJI M210 here.
Find your beam using our lux calculator.




◉ Up to 130.500 LUX @ 1m (cd)
◉ 3.5º, 15º, 20º or 40º Beam Angle
◉ Weight: 120g / 4,41oz (magnesium housing)
◉ Mounting: 1/4″-20 threaded hole for Tripod Mounting
◉ 20W power consumption on max (1,8A @ 11,1V)
◉ Input voltage: 11 – 36 VDC
◉ Run Time: Unlimited, depending on power source
◉ Size: 55 x 55 x 55 mm / 2,16 x 2,16 x 2,16 inches
◉ Waterproof design, IP 65
◉ Adjustable Light Levels 0% – 100%, with RC PWM
◉ 5 Adjustable Light Levels Manually
◉ Anti Collision mode
◉ 5000K Color Temperature
◉ CRI: Min.70, optional 90.
◉ High EMC spec
◉ Flicker free
◉ XT30 power connector
◉ JR RC PWM female connector
◉ Additional two 5,5 mm mounting holes

DL A Pro 15 degree beam:
The DLA Pro drone light featuring a 15 degree beam and a total of 20 000 Candela (Lux@1m), is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to conduct inspection via drone, for emergency services, surveillance personnel and photo/videos enthusiasts alike. The light intensity can be adjusted according to your needs, via PWM or the push button on the light casing. Standard 1/4-20 mounts

DL A Pro 40 degree beam:
The DLA Pro drone light featuring a 40 degree beam and a total of 5200 Candela (Lux@1m), is the perfect choice for anyone wanting high intensity light coverage for shorter distances.


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